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机 械

        苏州华毅机械有限公司成立于2001年,占地80000平方米,现有职工300多人。公司拥有各种国际先进的CNC数控加工中心,数控车床60余台 (套),专业生产纺织机械。公司形成设计研发-机械加工-组合装配-调试试机-售后服务的整套生产体系,产品具有可靠的质量保证。现生产能力为每月600 台/套。

        苏州华毅机械有限公司自成立以来,始终以研发生产高新科技的纺织机械为理念。为了适应市场需求,提高产品的创新能力,公司先后研发生产了HY708平织 机型、HY728重磅多臂机型、HY728-S双层双经轴重磅机型。幅宽:190cm~360cm,单喷或多喷引纬系统等。依客户要求可配有传统机械送经 和机械卷取,或配置全电脑控制的电子送经、电子卷取系统。产品远销印度、印度尼西亚、巴西、越南、泰国、韩国、土耳其、埃及、台湾等十几个国家和地区。

Suzhou Huayi Machine Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001, covering an area of 80,000 square meters and owning more than 300 employees. Having all kinds of internationally advanced CNC machining centers and over 60 sets of numerically controlled lathes,  the company is specialized in manufacturing textile machinery. The company forms a complete set of production system in designing and R&D – machining operation – combining and assembling – debugging and commissioning trying – after-sales services and the products have reliable quality assurance. The current production capacity is 600 sets/month.
Since its foundation, Suzhou Huayi Machinery Co., Ltd. always insists on the concepts of conducting R&D and manufacturing high-tech textile machinery. In order to adapt to market demands and improving product innovation capacity, the company successively conducted R&D and manufactured HY708 full width loom models, HY728 heavy dobby machine models and HY728-S double-beam heavy machine models. Width: 190cm~360cm, single-spraying or multi-spraying weft system, etc. According to the requirements of customers, it can be equipped with traditional mechanical let-off mechanism and mechanical rolling or electronic let-off mechanism and electronic rolling system wholly controlled by computers. The products are exported to more than ten countries and regions such as India, Indonesia, Brazil, Vietnam, Thailand,, Korea, Turkey, Egypt, Taiwan, etc.

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