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地 产


Since Hengli Group has set foot in real estate, it has always persisted in pursuing product design and quality, and continually created high-quality and high value-added real estate for customers with the attitude of the pioneer, to realize the dream of people’s pursuing better home and constantly promote the progress of city living standard.
In order to accelerate the development of multiple industrialization of Group, there are several real estate companies such as Hengli Real Estate (Dalian) Co.,Ltd. , Suzhou Hengli Real Estate Co., Ltd. , Wujiang Tiancheng Real Estate Co.,Ltd., Dalian Lida Real Estate Co.,Ltd., Suqian Lishun Real Estate Co., Ltd. ,Dalian Tiancheng Real Estate Co.,Ltd., under Hengli real estate, and star buildings are also established as landmarks in Suzhou Wujiang, Suqian, Nantong, Dalian and Yingkou. Hengli Group actively explores the living environment with perfect blend of life and art, and has successfully developed more than ten boutique projects, ultra-high boutique apartment and high-grade office buildings such as Suzhou “Royal Leading Reputation”, Suqian “SMTH” and “Serenity Park”, Dalian “Victoria Square” , “Evian With Mountain”, “Evian with Island”,etc.



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