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As the group's core business, polyester advanced material developed from initial polyester chip and polyester civil filament and now has owned three backbones of chemical fiber production enterprises which are Jiangsu Hengli Chemical Fibre Co., Ltd. , Jiangsu Deli chemical fibre Co., Ltd and Jiangsu Hengke advanced materials Co.,ltd . Complete set of originally imported melt direct spinning equipments, configurated with first-class devices of polymerization, spinning, and texturing from German Zimmer, Barmag, and Japan TMT companies. The annual spinning and polymerization production capacity is 2.66 million tons. At present, Hengli owns 318 sets of high-speed DTY machine. Its business involves polyester PET chip, bottle grade chip, polyester civil filament and polyester industrial yarn fields, etc.  Relying on the forefront of the international advanced technology, adhere to independent innovation, Hengli Group has the ability to self-design, install and debug high-end polyester complete sets of equipment, and it’s technological capability, production capacity, and brand value all rank top in the country even all over the world.

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