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      bf88必发官网 2017年总营收3079亿元,现位列世界500强第235位、中国企业500强第60位、中国民营企业500强第10位、中国制造业企业500强第21位,连续五年列中国长丝织造行业竞争力第一位,获国务院颁发的“国家科技进步奖”和“全国就业先进企业”等殊荣。我司还先后被评为“中国化纤行业环境友好企业”、“全国纺织工业先进集体”、“国家火炬计划重点高新技术企业”、
     bf88必发官网坚持全产业链发展,打造 “原油-芳烃-精对苯二甲酸(PTA)-聚酯(PET)-民用丝及工业丝 -

     Hengli Group was established in 1994. It is an international enterprise that focuses on petrochemical, advanced polyester materials, and textile, with the diversified development of trade,finance and thermal power
. The Group owns one of the world’s largest PTA plants, the functional fiber production base, and weaving enterprise with more than 60,000 employees. It has been established a national “Enterprise Technology Center” in China. The Group’s corporate competitiveness and product brand value are among the forefront of the international industry.
     Hengli Group’s total revenue in 2017 was RMB 307.9 billion, ranking No. 235 in Fortune Global 500, 60th in the top 500 Chinese enterprises, 21st in the Top 500 manufacturing enterprises in China and 10th in China's private enterprises. It ranks first in China’s Filament Weaving Industry for five consecutive years. It has been successively awarded “The Environment-friendly Enterprise of Chemical Fiber Industry in China,” “National Advanced Group of Textile Industry,” “Key High-tech Enterprise of National Torch Plan,”
“enterprise with the advantage in National intellectual property,” and “The National Advanced Unit for Corporate Culture Construction.”  Some products have won the titles of “Famous Trademark of China” and ”National User Satisfaction Product.” At present, Hengli Group owns two listed companies, Hengli Petrochemical Co., Ltd (“Hengli Petrochemical Co Ltd” Stock Code:600346). And Suzhou Wujiang Tongli Lake Co., Ltd. (“Tongli Tourism” Stock Code:834199), and a dozen of entity enterprises have built production bases in Suzhou, Dalian, Suqian, Nantong, and Yingkou.
     Hengli Group adheres to the development of the entire supply chain and builds a complete industrial chain: crude oil- aromatics - purified terephthalic acid (PTA) - polyester (PET) - public yarn and industrial yarn-
textile. In the petrochemical sector, the PTA project in Hengli petrochemical (Dalian Changxing island) industrial park has an annual production capacity of 6.6 million tons, operates in high standard, strict requirement and fast pace, which refreshes many records of the international industry. Hengli refining-chemical integration project is the first major refining-chemical project released by the national oil refining industry for private enterprises; it is expected to be completed by Q4 2018, with a designed capacity of 400,000 barrel per day. On August 8, 2014, the state council (guofa [2014] No.28) document explicitly stated that it supported Hengli refining-chemical integration project and requested that it strive to start as soon as possible. In December 2015, Hengli’s refining-chemical integration project started construction. In polyester advanced materials field, Hengli Group has imported a full set of the world-class facility with an annual polymerization capacity of 2.66 million tons. In textile field, as the vertical extension of the company’s industrial chain, Hengli Textile owns 12,000 sets of self-developed water-jet looms, air-jet looms, 8,500 double twisting machines, and supporting equipment.
 Hengli Group persists in implementing its branding strategy and marketing strategy, its independent research and development capability is at the forefront of the national textile industry. Meanwhile, Hengli actively exploits domestic and foreign high-end markets, insists on independent innovation and continuously enhances its core competitiveness. It established the “Hengli International R&D Center” and “Hengli product-learn-research base,” and invites senior experts from Germany, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan, etc., to form an international R&D team to develop high-end differentiated products for the company. Up to now, Hengli Group has successively undertaken more than 60 major science and technology planning projects of national, provincial and industry associations. The independently researched and developed key technology of polyester fiber has won the award of “National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology.”
     During development and expansion, Hengli Group actively carries out the work related to enterprise production and construction, and creates a good atmosphere for strenuous efforts and striving for excellence. At the same time, Hengli does its utmost to fulfill its social responsibilities, by actively supporting the development of philanthropy, and assisting vulnerable groups. Since the establishment of the company, various kinds of donations have accumulated over RMB 600 million.
     Hengli Group pays great attention to environmental protection, has reached significant achievements in energy-saving and emission reduction. It has passed ISO environmental management system and European green environmental protection certification and has taken the lead in implementing the water reuse project among the industry in China to realize zero emission of sewage and exhaust gas.
      “Establish a world-class enterprise and create an internationally-renowned brand.” Looking ahead, Hengli Group will continue to develop the entire diversified industry chain and make every effort for the prosperity of Chinese national industry.